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At Saucony, a good day is a day when we run. A great day is a day when we encourage someone to run.

Saucony is a must in the running world. The brand seduces many renowned athletes and sits in the top three with specialist running distributors in the United States. Present in the textile sector, Saucony is best known for shoes incorporating Everun technology. Wearing them allows you to benefit from softer, more durable cushioning and a feeling of constant dynamism. Saucony's excellence can be seen in the following models: • The Ride ISO and Triumph running and road shoes : versatile and dynamic, they allow you to comfortably swallow up the kilometers; • Kinvara road shoes : flexible and efficient, they are intended for the practice in competition of light runners; • Xodus and Peregrine trail shoes: studded versions of the Ride ISO and Triumph, they accompany you on your outings to the more adventurous. Saucony also offers a wide choice of clothing: shorts, tank tops and trail jackets; men's and women's t-shirts, jackets, shorts and running pants.