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Riese & Muller

Let the design of these bikes inspire you.

It was in 1993 that two friends, Markus Riese and Heiko Müller, made their first comfortable folding bike: the Birdy . But it is from 1997 that they offer innovative bikes: electric, cargo and folding . Riese & Müller are fully dedicated to their primary idea: to manufacture bikes combining quality, modernity and comfort. Years later, it became one of the leaders in electric bikes : rigid frames, imposing tires and reinforced suspensions, everything is thought out so that quality is at the rendezvous. Among the most popular models are: • The GT Charger : a functional and versatile model from Riese & Müller, it can be used both in an urban environment or during a hike. • The SuperCarger : it adapts to the desired practice: it is very comfortable and therefore versatile. • The Packster : it is a cargo bike, always electric, perfect for transporting heavy items. • The Tinker : it is the flagship model of the brand. Foldable, electric, fast: it has all the characteristics for urban use. Riese & Müller is today one of the leading reference brands for cyclists looking for high quality products.