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Petzl Meteor Helmet

A legendary accessory from Petlz, the Meteor helmet is designed to accompany you on your mountaineering, climbing or ski touring outings. Lightweight and compact, it is particularly comfortable thanks to its air vents. Its full-coverage design provides excellent protection against side, front and rear impacts. The Meteor helmet also features two hooks on the front and an elastic band on the back for attaching a headlamp.

Petzl Aquila Harness

Petzl harnesses are a sure bet for safety and durability in activities such as mountaineering and climbing. The Aquila harness is designed for performance in the gym, on cliffs and on long routes? and adapts easily to all body sizes. It offers great freedom of movement, while its reinforced attachment points will resist rope friction for a long time to come. Functional, versatile and equipped with four gear loops, it’s the ideal companion for all your outings, indoors or out.

Petzl Rumba Rope 8mm- 50m

Set off for a whole day to climb the most difficult rock faces: with this double Rumba rope, you’re on the right track! Made from a powerful, resistant string, it features a 40-spindle construction for excellent control and impeccable grip. Particularly well-suited to frequent use in extreme conditions (including snow and ice), it is ultra-light with its 8 mm thickness.

Petzl Nao RL headlamp

Petzl’s Nao RL headlamp is a trail and ultra-trail icon! Rechargeable, it delivers an incredible 1500 lumens at a featherweight 145 grams. Dazzle your surroundings with incredible lighting power! Ideal for intense outdoor sports activities in dimly lit or completely dark areas.

Petzl is a French brand, a pioneer in the world of exploration and darkness, since its beginnings in caving, with the vocation of imagining concrete tools to enable man to surpass himself.

Designer Fernand Petzl discovered caving in the 30s. He quickly devised new techniques for this discipline and began making pieces for himself. Together with his friend Pierre Chevalier, they set new records with their new progression tools. Fernand Petzl makes caving legend and history. In 1970, with his sons, he extended the business to include mountaineering equipment, creating the first headlamp dedicated to mountaineers.