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World market leader in sticks and glove systems.

World market leader in sticks and glove systems. Leki has offered all its expertise for many years in the design of poles. The leki brand, with more than 250 patents, has made a large number of innovations to design its poles in the Outdoor and Ski sectors. The products are made in Germany and the Czech Republic. LEKI Lenhart GmbH was born out of the wood treatment company founded in 1948 in Dettingen / Teck by Karl Lenhart, which produced wooden letters for bakery or butcher shop signs. Karl Lenhart was a skier never satisfied with the quality and functionality of ski poles of his time, so he started to make handles and washers for ski poles with his fleet of machines. From the 1960s, they were mass produced. As Lenhart also had experience in aircraft construction, he knew how to work with aluminum and composites. He made his first own ski poles from these raw materials and put them on the market in 1970 under the name LEKI.