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Protect what is dear to you: that is the mission of Kryptonite. Kryptonite is one of the leaders in the security field. The brand offers some of the most effective bicycle locks on the market. They are designed to suit professional cyclists, as well as Sunday runners! How to choose your bike lock? There are several bicycle locks. We offer two approaches for choosing your bike lock : • You hang your bike in a risky place and / or your bike is a valuable model : choose a large U-lock or a large chain of bikes . If you choose a U-lock, observe the length of its handle: it must be long enough to adapt to any urban furniture. • You hang your bike in a low-risk location : if your budget allows, always choose a sturdy U-lock. However, when the place presents little risk of theft, you can settle for a small U-lock, or a cable lock . For effective protection, the cable lock is preferable in addition to main protection. At Kryptonite, you will find it sold alone and accompanied by a U lock. Discover the best Kryptonite selection below.