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Gore Wear

Bannière Gore

The running range: whatever the conditions


For summer, for winter, for tougher times or fantastic rides, Gore Wear is there for you. With its multiple running tops designed to perform and exceed your running limits, it is suitable for all athletes. Long sleeves, jackets and windbreakers: the precise, technical fabric of Gore garments provides impressive breathability and protection against the vagaries of the weather.

Among the benchmark models are thermal products featuring Gore Windstopper technology, such as the Gore H5. The C5 Gore-Tex windproof jacket is ideal for trail running, while the R7 Partial features a hood for maximum protection against the rain.


On the jersey side, Gore quality is reflected in the fiber structure that redefines the contours of hiking, running and fitness. From tank tops to long-sleeved versions for mid-season, everything is designed to accompany men’s and women’s athletes and counter the unexpected. The R3 range, for example, offers outstanding value for money and an exemplary finish. The Active Fit cut offers optimal ventilation and impeccable softness. For those looking to beat their records, the Contest Jersey will be preferred thanks to its lightness and cut that makes no compromise between comfort and performance.


Shorts, sports leggings or pants, Gore knows how to do it all. Split shorts are a good example of technicality, as they determine the rider’s performance and comfort. Sharp undergarments like the Sunlight 3.0 shorts are also popular for adding softness to the hips and a good dose of flexibility.

The cycling range: forget the miles, ride!


Gore’s short-sleeved and long-sleeved road cycling jerseys are ideal for intensive training and competition. The C range, represented by the C3 and C5 models, is the benchmark for cyclists and sports enthusiasts looking for a thrill. Optimum breathability and comfort. The C7 Cancellara even pays tribute to Fabian Cancellara, the former professional cyclist with multiple Tour de France victories!


Accustomed to harsh weather conditions, the brand has developed a line of varied bib shorts that are optimized for every weather condition. The Gore C5 Thermo Black is designed for winter and low temperatures (below 8°C), while the C5 Optiline bib short offers optimized aerodynamics while maintaining a good fit.

Gore Wear, a vision for multiple passions

The story of GORE Wear is part of the innovative history of W. L. Gore & Associates, an American technology company founded in 1958. Gore’s constant evolution has enabled it to expand its presence worldwide, notably through the development of avant-garde products in various disciplines such as medical equipment, space navigation, musical instruments, industrial clothing, footwear and sportswear. At the heart of these innovations, however, is the same key technology. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is a life-enhancing and life-saving technology.