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The solar-powered watch is a model of innovation

An "indestructible" watch: that is the ambition of the Japanese engineer Kikuo Ibe when he created the first G-Shock watch in 1983. Designed for extreme sports enthusiasts, the G-Shock watch has been very successful with physically demanding professions (police officers, firefighters, soldiers, astronauts ...). Why ? The watch can withstand freezing temperatures, high water pressures, magnetic fields and even, recently, centrifugal forces! Never lose your way north: wherever you are in the world, the G-Shock offers an accurate time display thanks to radio control, Bluetooth connectivity and integrated GPS. The most popular model to date is the G-Shock Mudmaster GPS watch . Ideal for outdoor, the Mudmaster resists shocks and scratches thanks to its resin case and its high-end glass. The G-Shock Mudmaster incorporates a compass, an altimeter, a barometer, a thermometer and many other features designed for outdoor use. The + product: in its GWG-1000 version, the G-Shock Mudmaster runs on solar energy.