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Camelbak: the leader in hydration packs

It was thanks to the initiative of Michael Eidson , a paramedic by profession, that the Camelbak brand was created in 1988 . During the famous “Hotter'N Hundred” race , the sun is overwhelming: Eidson played with his inventiveness for the future hydration pack that we know today. He fills a drip bag with water, slides it into a nylon stocking and finds his place in the pocket of his jersey. He can drink without stopping! The word Camelbak refers to "Camel Back" , the back of the camel: their bumps are their water tanks to hydrate in the arid desert. This term has become, today, a generic name to designate hydration bags. Today, the Camelbak brand is the world leader in these bags but also offers many useful accessories as well as technical cans.