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Brooks England

The best for riding since 1866

of quality and resistant to the test of time

Brooks England was born in the United Kingdom in 1866. Originally, its creator wanted to create comfortable bicycle saddles to facilitate the daily life of London workers , then in the midst of a financial crisis. He devoted his time and his know-how to make the bicycle saddles as comfortable and as resistant as possible, able to perfectly fit the anatomy of their user. Years later, the brand expanded its range with functional backpacks and hard-wearing helmets , in addition to the aesthetic qualities designed for cyclists who love quality materials. Among the most popular models are:

  • The B17 Imperial saddle : flagship model, the B17 combines the brand's characteristic materials: steel and leather . It is extremely comfortable.
  • The Pickwick 26 LT backpack : updated version of the famous Brooks England roll-top backpack. It combines functionality and modernity.
  • From conception to distribution, Brooks England remains faithful to its primary value: comfort , above all else.