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Release your instincts. Arena understands it, and works to cultivate it.

Arena is working with research centers, universities, and athletes to find out how to swim better and faster. The design and materials of her outfits are constantly evolving. In 2009 Times Magazine ranked the Power Skin X-Glide among the 50 Best Inventions of the Year. In 2012 Arena crossed a new threshold in swimwear technology with the Powerskin Carbon-Pro. Today, all of its capacity for innovation has been extended to meet the needs of all members of the swimming and aquatic sports community. Arena supports your inspiration day after day, month after month, year after year. Arena is committed to evolving. It's his DNA. With evolution comes innovation, and innovation means trying new things. For four decades, the brand has set out to develop the fastest and most resistant products for competitive and leisure swimming. This means doing research where others did not: fluid dynamics, textiles and biomechanics. She has made professional swimmers key members of her R&D. With them, she examined their needs and their movements in the water, before transforming this knowledge into swimming gear and superior performance and value equipment. The winning combination between advanced research and athlete advice remains its hallmark. Arena has made extraordinary discoveries regarding underwater performance and hydrodynamic design: how to reduce friction and drag, increase buoyancy, regulate body temperature, optimize muscle compression to reduce fatigue, increase stability during swimming . It also involves studying the elasticity, durability and UV protection of fabrics. The brand also designs creations for triathlons, where competitors face more than one element. From the beginnings of the sport where swimmers were only breaststroke, to today's competitions with sixteen separate events. From woolen swimming outfits to tiny swimsuits to high-tech full-body suits. Swimming and swimming gear have grown tremendously over time. And Arena continues to evolve with sport and its athletes. Release your instincts. Arena understands it, and works to cultivate it. These products can speed up your swimming. They can maximize your performance. They can give you the confidence to dive into the pool or cross the finish line. They can make a difference in your training. They will be with you at every stage of your aquatic journey: when you first come into contact with the water, when you go to train and improve, and when you swim fully. Become one with the water. Be in your element.