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Waterrower Waterrower S1 With S4 Monitor

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Exceptional drive and ultra-modern design. Composed of stainless steel, with brushed finishes, this ergometer rower with display in Watts creates natural resistance through its water tank, the quantity of which you can vary. A unique and patented mechanism, the WaterRower rower has been designed to closely reproduce the physical dynamics of rowing. The S4 monitor (included) displays:
  • Intensity in meters per second,
  • The speed in km / h, the duration for 500 meters or for 2 km,
  • Watts, kilocalories, number of strokes of the oars,
  • Heart rate (optional chest strap),
  • The distance in meters, km or miles,
  • The total number of strokes of the oars and the cumulative duration.

Designed to mimic the feel of rowing, the WaterRower is very comfortable to use. Stainless steel rower.

The WaterRower rowing machine works all muscles evenly, even a short workout will burn calories, tone your body and leave you feeling toned.


The unique and patented WaterFlywheel flywheel mechanism of the WaterRower rower has been designed to mimic the physical dynamics of rowing.

Thus, the patented WaterFlywheel flywheel provides naturally self-regulating resistance.The aerodynamic drag effect delivered by the WaterFlywheel is proportional to the speed at which you row, like when rowing.

S4 Monitor:

  • Intensity in m / s (meters per second), speed in Km / h (kilometers per hour), / 500m (duration for 500 meters), / 2km (duration for 2 kilometers), watts and kilocalories per hour .
  • The number of strokes of the oar, the heart rate (optional cardio strap), the distance in meters, kilometers, miles and the total number of strokes and the cumulative duration.


The WaterRower S1 is made of stainless steel. Its superb style and compact frame enhance any environment, place of living, lifestyle and simply life.

Structure: Material: stainless steel Finish: brushed stainless steel Comfort and accessories:

The smooth operation of the WaterRower allows it to be used anywhere, anytime without disturbing those around you.

Although not completely silent, the sound of the device is pleasing to the ear, it is far from annoying.

  • Easy-to-adjust footrests for any user
  • Indestructible polycarbonate tank
  • Heavy-duty, maintenance-free pull strap
  • Powerful and comfortable handle
  • Soft and comfortable seat
  • Socket with instant connection


The WaterRower is easily stored vertically when not in use: it takes up no more space than a dining chair!

Integrated casters make maneuvering very easy. The low position of the WaterFlywheel flywheel makes the rower very stable when stored.


3 years

Our Opinion

"The WaterRower is a rowing machine with wattage display whose resistance is created by a reservoir of water.

You train against a natural resistance which can be adjusted by varying your effort. "

  • Water resistance
  • Comfort
  • Design
  • Pleasant and natural fluid movement
  • Foldable in height
  • Ergonomic interface

Manufacturer Waterrower
Product Name Waterrower S1 With S4 Monitor
SKU 400S4
Barcode 4260263010222
Brakes Water resistance
Maximum weight 180 kg
Dimensions (L 210 x l 56 x h 53 cm)