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Compex Vitality is a muscle stimulator for the well-being of Men & Women. It embodies the ideal partner by integrating perfectly into your daily life between active life and relaxation.

With its massage , pain relief and aesthetic programs , COMPEX vitality is perfectly suited to all those who wish to take care of their physical well-being.
The vitality is designed to allow you to stay in shape, tone and keep fresh everyday.

Its user DVD (not included in the box) , its i-button and its belt clip added to COMPEX quality make it a very flexible device in any situation.

More than 25 € of consumables offered!


Improved metabolism and contractile qualities of muscles Increased cellular exchanges in the stimulated muscles Balanced increase in muscle tone and volume

Pain killer:

Relaxing, endorphonoque, it alleviates pain related to arthralgia, lumbago, lumbago, neck pain, back pain, lumbago-sciatica, sophisticated TENS, epicondylitis.


Abs, glutes, adipostress, calorilyse, skin-elasticity, elasticity, curve, firming, toning.

Vascular: Capilarization / oxygenation, prevention of cramps, heavy legs, lympho-drainage.

Massage: Relaxing, regenerating or tonic.

Rehabilitation: Amyotrophy, resuscitation, strengthening

Your goal?

You are active and want to stay in shape. You want to keep all your vitality. Features and characteristics.
With its massage, pain relief and aesthetic programs, the COMPEX VITALITY is perfectly suited to all those who wish to take care of their physical well-being.
Vitality is designed to keep you in shape, keeping tone and freshness every day.

It is the wellness and pain reliever partner par excellence for active seniors. To feel young in your body and in your head.

Our Opinion
COMPEX vitality has been designed to help you in your daily activities and to keep you in shape thanks to specific and adapted exercises.

You have the choice between 7 work zones for specific stimulation adapted to each part of the body.

You will find:
- 5 levels of progression to evolve and progress session after session.
- 4 channels for complete work sessions.
- 6 categories of programs: fitness, aesthetics, massage, vascular, painkiller, rehabilitation.
- Button "i" allows to increase the energies on several channels at the same time

"Easy Snap" connection system which allows the cable to be connected to the electrode with one hand by simple pressure (even on the back!).

A website dedicated to getting started with your device to discover online the main functions, tips, all accompanied by videos:
To discover the user site, click here

Discover the COMPEX electrostimulation equipment that is made for you: Which Compex to choose?

Manufacturer Compex
Product Name Vitality
SKU 508116-Compex-Vitality

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508116 Vitality
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602048 Universal gel
42215 Performance Snap Electrodes 50x50mm (4 per bag)
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