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Electric bikes are the perfect compromise for getting around effortlessly. To make the right choice, it is important to properly define your habits and needs. If you want to use your future purchase for daily riding in an urban setting, particularly for commuting purposes, opt for a city model to combine comfort and convenience (integrated bike lock, mudguards, bike rack). If you are planning to use your electric bike to go on leisurely rides or take longer treks, you should consider hybrid models with powerful braking, specially suited tyres, a lighter weight, and a battery with good autonomy when you need versatility. We recommend the Touring Hybrid Pro 500Wh by Cube, a very versatile model. Another feature to take into account is the gear-shifting system. Derailleur systems shift gears without a loss in performance, so you can expect more sports-like handling. Integrated systems are recommended more for city riding since they offer the possibility of shifting gears without having to pedal. This type of transmission reduces the risk of chain derailments and requires less maintenance. Check out our selection of the best brands available, such as Trek, Electra, and Riese & Müller.