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Home trainers & accessories

In difficult weather or to complete your training, a home trainer will be your best ally indoors. Position your bike on the device and find the same sensations as on the road. You can also opt for rollers, which are space-saving and easy to use. Your choice will ultimately depend on your level of practice and your expectations in terms of sensations. First of all, the bike rollers can be installed in the blink of an eye and offer basic resistance settings, up to 10 intensities for the Arion Mag Elite trainer . Note that gel rollers offer better grip and less tire wear than plastic or metal versions. For occasional training, a resistance power of up to 600 Watts may be sufficient. Mechanical resistance cyclotrainers can meet this type of need and are quieter than air-braked models. A sportbike will need more power, up to 1000 Watts. Hydraulically braked models like Elite's Turno Smart come close to this power and are quiet. Magnetic and electromagnetic braking systems are considered to be the most efficient on the market. WAHOO KICKR home trainers offer a resistance of up to 2000 Watts, which can also suit the needs of professional cyclists, and are relatively quiet. Finally, home trainers are distinguished by the features they offer, such as virtual assistance and connectivity to a computer, bicycle GPS and other compatible digital devices. These devices promote immersion, performance monitoring and even the organization of remote group sessions.