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Women's road cycling shoes

Whatever your level, you should always think about equipping yourself well.
The choice of a good pair of shoes is essential both for your comfort and for the performance you wish to achieve.

For road riding, there's no doubt that lightness and rigidity are the key to a perfect shoe.
Models with a 100% carbon sole are the best choice for the most competitive among you: precision, power and performance to be, for sure, the big winner. Focus on the R4M Carbon BOA from Fizi'k, a versatile model.

For leisure cyclists? Go for shoes with much softer materials without forgetting to check the breathability and comfort of the model like the Cosmic from Mavic.
Are you a triathlete? Aim for shoes that are very quick to put on and very efficient: the perfect union. Special mention for the Mavic Cosmic SL Ultimate Tri where the buckle allows a very fast transition.
Find our selection of the best brands such as Sidi, Fizi'k or Mavic to be equipped with a model perfectly adapted to your practice.