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Women's road bikes

The road bike is the perfect compromise to combine sport and leisure to discover new landscapes.
To make the right choice, it is important to consider two essential criteria: comfort and performance. It is also important to determine what your practice will be. This way you
can choose the ideal mount that will make every ride a moment of pleasure.

If you wish to use your future purchase for leisure time or even for purely occasional use, opt for comfort: choose a model with an aluminium frame and an ergonomic saddle.
If you're more interested in using your road bike for competition, it's the lightness and aerodynamics that are important. A carbon frame will dampen road vibration and provide excellent performance. The wheels must be light and strong, even if you have to change them between training and competition.
Are you driving flat? Prioritize a traditional or compact crankset that will suffice. On the other hand, to ride in the mountains, a double or even triple crankset with a large rear sprocket set is highly recommended.
Find our selection of the best brands such as Trek, Argon or Pinarello.