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Bike travel bags, boxes, & cases

To transport your bike on journeys/travels or to store it at home without damaging it, a bike transport bag is essential.
Much more than just a suitcase, the mountain bike transport bag has many advantages. Space-saving, flexible or rigid, often reinforced, the cover can be fitted with wheels and specific locations for the different parts of your bike

How do I choose a bicycle transport bag?

- You are transporting your bike on a train/plane: opt for a rigid cover that will protect your bike from shocks; you will avoid unpleasant surprises on arrival on the tarmac/quay.
- You want to protect your bike from dust accumulation on your terrace or in a garage: the cover fits the shape of the bike to isolate it as much as possible from dirt.
- If you want to protect your car (seats, interior and boot) from dirt caused by the bike, a soft cover will do the trick.

Among the most popular models are :
- the Scicon Travel Plus Racing cover This flexible model, with a very good price-performance ratio, is ideal for transporting road bikes by car and train;
- the Scicon Aerocomfort 3.0 TSA Triathlon cover This semi-rigid model is very popular with triathlon and time trial bike owners.
- the Scicon Aerocomfort 3.0 TSA Road cover This semi-rigid model is a reference for professional road racers.