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Waterrower Handbike Watergrinder Ash

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A new design device that makes you reproduce the action of a winch on a sailboat. The Watergrinder ash arm bike from Waterrower is the device that will participate in optimal upper body muscle strengthening. It helps burn more calories by forcing the upper body to use oxygen to burn fat more efficiently. This device is used to complete a cardio workout: bike, treadmill etc. usually focused on the lower muscles. Its self-regulating water resistance system will allow you to enjoy a smooth and silent workout, which adapts to all sports profiles. You determine the intensity of the session.

Monitor offering a full range of training methods:

Quick Start function:

  • The “Quick Start” function allows you to start your workout without presets. You will automatically get the following performance parameters: time, distance, watts, kilocalories / hour.
  • You will see a small RPM counter which will allow you to graphically track your revolutions per minute.

Time or distance:

  • The Time / Distance function allows you to program a workout by time or distance (one meter of sail hoisting is equal to four full turns of the crank).

Maneuvers / multi-drill:

  • This function is a virtual coach that tells you which crank to turn, in which direction and for how long.
  • The maneuver cycles are chosen randomly by the instructor while respecting your points of interest. After each successfully completed maneuver cycle, the monitor grants you a recovery time.

Race mode:

  • The running function allows you to chalenger and monitor your progress. It is based on your ability to hoist boat sails as quickly as possible.
  • The NOHrD Racing Sailboat has 3 sails of 10, 20 and 30 meters that you will hoist in 9 races. Once you've hoisted a sail, the crew will give you a 10 second break before asking you to hoist the next!

Our Opinion

The Waterrower Watergrinder ash arm bike can be used in two positions: standing or sitting on the seat in 3 heights.

The cranks can be used together or independently, they allow symmetrical or reciprocal work, by "spinning" forwards or backwards.

This variety of positions creates countless exercise possibilities, which complement each other.

The WaterGrinder is the tool of choice to regain a body balance damaged by a lack of physical activity.

  • Use all upper body muscles less used than lower muscles
  • Burns a maximum of calories in shorter, more intensive and more varied sessions
  • Allows you to work on strength and endurance at the same time
  • Model made from quality materials and assembled by hand

Manufacturer Waterrower
Product Name Handbike Watergrinder Ash
SKU 14.100
Barcode 4260263011281
Brakes Water resistance
Resistance Selon volume d'eau et intensité de l'effort
Dimensions 110 x 80 x 120 cm
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