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Kettler Run S treadmill

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Professional quality device at home The Kettler Run S treadmill with a peak power of 7.5 hp, is equipped with a biometic vibratec 8 cushioning system to protect your joints during impact. Equipped with S-Fit technology, it allows you to control the mat from your smartphone and then download and analyze your data on the site. And thus progress in your practice.

KETTFIT compatible

KEETFIT is Kettler's new health, fitness and training portal.

KETTFIT allows you to use comprehensive information on fitness, training, nutrition and health.

Choose your personalized workout and take back control of your form.

Damping system

Biomimetic Vibratec 8 : The shock absorption on the joints is optimal and your run much more pleasant and comfortable. Vibratec technology dampens the sound of your stride.

Graphic training partner

A more efficient workout with full screen graphics. See your training performance at a glance with three exclusive graphical training modes.


Race Against Yourself: Compare your current race to your past performance.

Compare in "real time" your current run to your best performance or to the last recorded run, to keep progressing, race after race.

Set yourself challenges.

Heart rate zone

Adjust your pace: instantly check that you are in the right training zone. Set a pace or heart rate goal * and track your progress throughout your run on a simple full screen graph.

* Heart rate monitor, optional accessory.

Our Opinion

The Kettler Run S treadmill is ideal for athletes who rely on endurance or simply care about their physical condition.

The ergonomics of this device were designed to allow you to have very easy access to the control of the speed and the incline during the race.

The Kettfit app offers you a multitude of training possibilities:

  • Adjust your personalized programs
  • Record your performances
  • Race against a virtual opponent
  • Race against yourself and your best performance
  • Adapt your routes and your efforts according to your program

  • Transport wheels
  • Foldable mat for undeniable space saving
  • Shock absorption by magnetic system
  • Permanent display of 2 functions (speed, duration of running time)

KETTMaps application:

Download the KETTMaps application (only on Android) available on tablet and smartphone. Different sports are available to you: row, roll or run along 70,000 km of geotagged videos, traveling the whole world. Try to follow the path of the many contributors, at the same pace and in conditions similar to those observed during registration. You can also improve your fitness by creating your own training programs or by following specific cario training workouts.

Manufacturer Kettler
Product Name Run S treadmill
SKU 07885-700
Barcode 4001397411277
Power (HP) 3 CVS
Max. speed 20 km/h
Min. speed 0,8 km/h
Surface 152 x 51 cm
Maximum inclination 0% à 15%
Maximum weight 150 kg
Dimensions (189 x 84 x 137 cm)
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