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Slim Sonic

Slim Sonic revolutionizes slimming

Products tested and approved by scientific studies

Slimming thanks to ultrasound: discover the Sonic Resonance innovation by Slim Sonic . Sonic Resonance technology was born in 2012 under the leadership of Jacques Borgognon. The Swiss engineer made a considerable number of athletes happy when he created the very first ultrasound device capable of removing stubborn fat. The Slim Sonic belt has an ultra-simple operation. It is placed on the area of the body to be treated, before or during exercise. Its action releases up to 1440 kcal in 40 minutes. You lose the equivalent of a kilo of pure fat (in just 6 sessions of 40 minutes). This represents approximately 5 to 7 cm around the waist. You feel a boost of energy. Why ? When the ultrasonic waves release the triglycerides to make them circulate again in the blood, the latter constitute energy made available. The sportsman therefore feels more efficient and pushes his limits.

Among the 8 models offered, discover which one is made for you:
- L-1440 and L-880 : for the belly and the abdominal strap; - M-840 , M-720 , S-660 and XS-330 : for the belly, the abdominal strap and the thighs; - S-440 and XS-220: for the belly, the abdominal strap, the thighs, the bust, the biceps, the knees and the calves. Devices meeting medical standards.