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Created in 1972 by Bill Bowerman and Philip Knight

Created in 1972 by Bill Bowerman and Philip Knight, Nike is today the international leader in the sports equipment market for athletes. Developed by a trainer and a middle-distance runner, it is proximity to athletes that the brand has placed at the heart of its development and strategy. By approaching the need of the sportsman, that the most efficient models have emerged, starting with the Waffle. Nike shoes, clothing and accessories are worn today in almost all sports: running, trail running, fitness, basketball, golf, tennis and football. The brand also has to surround itself with renowned sportsmen, in particular by making them participate in the development of its models. We think especially of LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Serena Williams and many others. Just do it: a slogan which translates well the history of the brand launched on a market already taken by Adidas and knew how to make it a leading American brand, appreciated by a very active community. The ultra-light models, comforted by an excellent cushioning based on compressed air integrated into the sole of the shoes, absorb shocks due to sporting activity and are greatly appreciated for their comfort as well as for the exceptional sporting performances that they allow. While maintaining proximity to athletes, Nike shoes and clothing are also appreciated for their comfort in daily use in the city. The brand offers several collections per year, always diversifying its colors and respecting the codes imposed by use. Nike offers clothing suitable for outdoor running, trail running, hiking, especially with breathable, water-repellent clothing, which also provides good wind resistance. Nike accessories, such as bags, headbands or caps, will complete an outfit studied by athletes in order to deliver the best feeling and comfort.