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Monster, world leader in high performance accessories

Train Like a Monster

World leader in high performance accessories, Monster®, led by its founder Noel Lee, has been innovating for over 37 years in the audio and video world. With its advanced engineering, combined with its permanent desire for innovation, the company whose leitmotif is' Always Leader. Never Follower 'thinks outside the box and revolutionizes the audiophile industry between 2008 & 2012 by developing & designing the sound of Beats by Dr Dre headphones. Since then, Monster® has become the world's largest manufacturer of high-performance headsets that reproduces a dynamic range close to 100% with clarity and without distortion. Running, Trail and Fitness are attracting more and more followers for whom music and technology play an important role. This is why Monster® has developed a range specially designed for the practice of a sporting activity: Monster iSport®. All products in the Monster iSport range offer excellent sound, are comfortable thanks to the adapted eartips, light, resistant and durable. They are also waterproof and sweat proof (IPX-4). In addition, the in-ear headphones stay in place perfectly thanks to a patented SportClip system which prevents the headphones from falling while providing you with the comfort you need. Monster® offers a complete range that meets each of your needs. You are fans of outdoor sports and want to hear outside noises, we have the solution with our iSport Strive model whose partial insulation allows you to hear 50% of ambient noise. You want to focus on the effort and isolate yourself from the world in a safe environment, then choose one of the 5 models with total insulation: the Bluetooth Freedom wireless headband headset, the Bluetooth wireless in-ear headphones Victory and Achieve, or the Compete and Achieve wired headphones. For all everyday needs, we offer you the very thin and light Intensity headphones with moderate ambient noise isolation. Intensive training awaits you? If you want an assistant up to the task, then the Freedom wireless headband and Victory Bluetooth wireless headphones will meet your needs by offering you turbo sound to help you exceed your limits. You are now ready. We know you will reach all of your goals with one of the products in the Monster® iSport range!