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ISM - Recommended by therapists

Complete soft tissue relief

ISM designs bicycle saddles that respect the human body. Recommended by health professionals (urologists, physiotherapists, ostomy nurses, etc.), ISM bicycle saddles cancel the pressure effect usually observed on soft tissue and avoid the compressions responsible for genital numbness. Discover the most popular models:The ISM PN3.0 saddle : its narrow design makes it possible to free the thighs to offer total freedom of movement. It adapts to road bikes and triathlon bikes. • The ISM PR2.0 saddle : recognized for its unequaled comfort, the PR2.0 saddle is suitable for all cyclists, men and women of all levels. It is one of the universal saddles of the ISM brand. • The ISM PS1.0 saddle : designed for cyclists who have an aerodynamic position and who prefer solitary effort, the PS1.0 saddle facilitates blood flow thanks to its studied shape and its seating comfort. ISM saddles are the best allies for cyclists who finally want to pedal with confidence.