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Iconic design,
on the border between
"urban lifestyle"
and the "back to school"

Remember . This iconic bag from high school years. Originally created for the United States Army, the Eastpak bag captured the hearts of students in 1970. First, it seduced you with its iconic design and solid colors. In 1990, he bewitched you with his prints. In 2011, the Eastpak satchel became a work of art under the brush of international artists; Jean-Paul Gaultier even takes it. The Eastpak backpack triumphs today in a sleek design , advocating the mix of materials and delicate and pastel colors. To wear an Eastpak backpack is to express the softness of your refinement. On the border between urban lifestyle and back to shool , you are a modern ode to memory . These models are already essential : • The Padded Pak'r : fall for the elegance of leather; • The Tecum S : this technical and functional backpack is resolutely urban lifestyle; • The Floid Tactical is a black Eastpak with a unique design; • The White Mountaineering x Eastpak Padded Pak'r : this unique bag was designed in collaboration with the Japanese label White Mountaineering.