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You hear your whole environment

Do you like listening to music while practicing your favorite sport but want to remain attentive to the surrounding noises ? The Aftershokz innovation combines pleasure and safety thanks to the bone conduction sports helmet . How does bone conduction work? Sound is transmitted by vibration rather than directly inside the ear. Your eardrums are thus preserved. What advantages compared to conventional audio headphones? 1. Security: you are no longer isolated from the outside world (you hear cars, voices of your partners, birdsong and wind blowing); 2. Health: you avoid ear canal infections associated with poorly maintained in-ear headphones; 3. Pleasure: the bone conduction headset offers dynamic bass and medium; 4. Comfort: unlike a classic earphone, the Aftershokz helmet does not slip during your running session. It continues to seduce you : the Aftershokz Trekz AIR titanium wireless headphones are the highest rated ultra-light headphones on most web platforms. They're already catching your eye : • The Aeropex Bluetooth audio headset offers more bass, less vibration and exceptional stereo sound thanks to Premium Pitch2 ™ technology; • The Xtrainerz headphones can be worn during swimming: they are completely waterproof and waterproof! As a bonus, its Leakslayer ™ technology reduces acoustic leaks. Discover > here < the best of Aftershokz.