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Men's athletics & cross-country shoes

Shoes with 6-millimetre spikes are required for running on Tartan tracks, regardless of the race distance. For cross-country, spike length is variable. Our explanation: How to choose your athletic shoes.Choosing your sprinting shoes (<400 m): Sprinting shoes have a thin, curved carbon fibre spike plate running the length of the shoe for maximum speed. These shoes are very light; two examples are the Nike Zoom Rival and the New Balance USD200. • For middle-distance events (800 to 3000 m): These shoes have a spike plate that isn't as curved, are slightly cushioned at the heel, and come with a more moulded forefoot. Examples: the Adidas Adizero Ambition and Brooks Wire. • For long-distance events (> 3000 m): These shoes have additional cushioning in the heel. The Brooks Pro LD are perfect for your needs. How to choose your cross-country spikes. Cross-country shoes are very stable and often come with studs rather than spikes. Spike length can vary from 15 to 6 millimetres, from more muddy terrain (15 mm) and slippery terrain (12 mm) to mixed terrain (9 mm - Adidas XCS ; 6 mm - New Balance XCS 700 and Brooks Mach).