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Polar RCX5 - GPS Black

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The Polar RCX5 GPS multisport watch is a device geared towards triathletes, runners and endurance athletes. It determines your race pace , to know precisely if you will cross the finish line within the times you have set for yourself. The RCX5 offers an ergonomic layout and is simple to use . It is easy to configure your profile and the different elements you want to display on your screen. Main information of Polar RCX5:
  • Very light weight: 46 g
  • GPS autonomy: 20h
  • Battery life: 8 to 11 months
  • ZoneOptimizer function: Allows you to train at the right intensity,
  • "Sport Profiles" system: Simply switch from one sport to another very easily,
  • Display your heart rate in the water with the cardio belt
  • Prepare your training and visualize your outings, thanks to Personnal Trainer

Included in the box:

  • RCX5 heart rate monitor
  • Wearlink + Hybrid transmitter
  • G5 GPS sensor
  • DataLink
  • Manual
Endurance training programs, downloadable from, using DataLink.

The RCX5 watch scrutinized

It is particularly illustrated on the endurance aspects, ranging from planning to analysis through real-time information.

The training computer and its transmitter are waterproof, and allow heart rate measurement in water, which makes it perfect for use in triathlon. It is the product that all-rounders and triathletes have been waiting for.

The interest of the heart rate monitor belt:

Knowing how hard to train is a real challenge. Your physical condition changes every day depending on many factors, including your physical and mental state, your stress level, your sleep, and your previous workouts.

Optimizer function:

Eliminate the roughly by adjusting your personal Heart Rate zones for each workout based on your current state of fitness.

She will guide you to train at the right intensity to achieve the training effect you want, making each ride more effective.

Race Pace function:

Ideal for controlling your pace, Race Pace allows you to set a predicted time for a given distance.

It will then help you adjust your speed by displaying your pace and indicating in real time whether you are ahead or behind your goal.

Sport Profiles:

Allow quick switching between different sports; just one heart rate monitor is sufficient for swimming, cycling and running.

This function allows you to easily select the parameters of your heart rate monitor adapted to the sport practiced.

It automatically detects the sensors you need, so you won't waste time or data between swimming, cycling or running sessions.

Race pace

Race Pace allows the user to program a target speed for a given distance. It visually indicates the advance or the delay in real time, compared to the race target.

Endurance programs offers comprehensive endurance training programs for running and cycling.

They include the warm-up, the work session and the cool-down phase for each session. They can be transferred to the RCX5 with the DataLink.

After each session, the online training log allows you to view your progress as well as compare planned and completed sessions. The Polar Endurance program is personalized according to the needs of each user.

It optimizes endurance training by adapting to the user's training habits by updating the program monthly.

Training load and recovery time

The training load informs the user on of the accumulated workload each day in the form of color codes.

In addition, the cumulative training load can now be viewed graphically, and indicates the time required to regain a certain level.

It will also predict how the cumulative training load will evolve based on the user's training plan. It thus helps the user to optimize his training times.


The mapping allows the user to visualize his training course online on a Google map available on

Our Opinion

The Polar RCX5 is a great tool, which allows optimal use, when paired with a heart rate belt.

You will be able to swim with the cardio belt, to accurately monitor your heart rate.

The comfort of the cardio belt makes you forget that you are wearing it during your workouts.

The transfer of your personal data is done quickly via the usb key, which sends the information to the Personnal Trainer site

Once the data is collected, all heart rate data is transmitted and highlighted.

  • Allows you to train according to your form of the day
  • Hybrid Heart Rate Transmission
  • The WearLink + hybrid transmitter combines comfort, precision, and operation in an aquatic environment.
  • Quick and easy activation of sports sensors (Sport Profiles)
  • Very readable flat screen limiting glare, aluminum case, optimized button position, secure battery change.
  • The user can choose between pre-established endurance programs or download their personal programs (established by the user or a remote coach).
  • Multisport practice

GPS G5 included

It weighs only 34g and measures speed and distance traveled. It allows you to view your route on the new Personnal Trainer map once your session is over.

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