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Polar RCX3 Bike White

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Prepare for all your challenges with the RCX3 sports watch from Polar. It also offers a variety of assisted workouts and instant feedback for better monitoring of your performance. It is intended for runners, cyclists and fitness enthusiasts who wish to benefit from intelligent assistance in preparing for a race. Main information:
  • Cardiac frequency
  • Instant, average and maximum speed on your bike
  • Summary of training thanks to the Training Benefit
  • Fitness Test that measures your cardiovascular fitness
  • Waterproof 30 meters

Contents of the "Polar RCX3 Bike" box

  • Polar RCX3 heart rate monitor
  • Polar WearLink® + WIND transmitter
  • Polar CS Speed Sensor WIND
  • Universal bike mount
  • RCX3 Getting Started Guide
  • CS WIND Speed Sensor User Manual

Main functions of the Polar RCX3

Polar's CSS Speed WIND sensor will give you instant, average and maximum speed while cycling.

The Training Benefit feature gives you instant feedback after your workout.

Help you train at the right intensity with Personal Training Zones (SportZone).

The Fitness Test measures your cardiovascular fitness.

By comparing the values obtained over time, you can see if your physical condition is improving.

Allows you to share your workouts simply and for free with the site.

Allows you to record your route, as well as speed and distance with the optional GPS sensor.

Improve your performance with endurance programs downloadable from via Polar DataLink.

Compatible with Polar running, cycling and GPS sensors.

All watch functions

  • Heart rate functions
  • Recording functions
  • Training functions
  • Features of
  • CS WIND cadence sensor functions
  • Functions Speed sensor CS WIND
  • G3 WIND GPS sensor functions
  • Functions of the G5 GPS sensor
  • S3 / s3 + stride sensor functions
  • Data transfer
  • Watch functions
To watch Polar Smart Coaching videos click here

Our Opinion

The Polar RCX3 GPS cardio watch is a device designed for all athletes, whether they are occasional or regular in their practice.

If you want to measure your heart rate and know simultaneously what are the specific benefits of each workout, this watch is for you!

In a few minutes, it locates your position and picks up a signal that will allow you to locate yourself live.

With its very clear display, on several lines and its 6 different views , you will not miss any information essential to the good performance of your practice.



RCX3 Smart Coaching Functions

Benefits of training
Motivating comments immediately after exercise.

Endurance programs
A guide to improving your running and cycling performance

Running Index
Shows how your running performance has evolved.

Smart Calories
Shows exactly how many calories you have burned.

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