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Women's mountain & walking boots

How to choose your hiking boots?

GR20, pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela... You want to hike in the middle of the mountains or on long walking routes and you are wondering how to choose your hiking boots.

A distinction must be made between high-toe shoes and low-toe shoes.

- High upper shoe: ideal for relieving the ankle when carrying a heavy bag and/or on very uneven ground. A must-have model: Meindl Island. For exceptional cushioning: Lowa Renegade. For dynamic walking on slopes, including on snow: Millet High-Route.
- Low upper shoe: ideal if you are not subject to the heavy load of a bag and/or if you hike on soft ground. A must-have model: Merrell Moab.

In all cases, choose a Vibram® outsole: extremely adherent, it is effective on both dry and wet ground. For waterproofing, look for the patented Gore-Tex models.