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Polar RCX5 Bike Red

329.00 €

The Polar RCX5 is the first product of a new generation of heart rate monitors for advanced athletes. This cutting-edge product represents Heart Rate Training more than any other. Oriented towards triathletes, runners and endurance athletes.

It is particularly well known for its endurance aspects, from planning to analysis and real-time information.

All this is contained in its ergonomic design that optimizes its use, all in a sporty look. The RCX5 is comfortable to use in every session, thanks to its natural button placement, wristband vents and the clear view of its widescreen display.

The cardio and transmitter are waterproof, and allow the measurement of Heart Rate in water, making it perfect for use in triathlon. It is the product that versatile practitioners and triathletes have been waiting for.

Knowing how hard to train is a real challenge. Your physical condition changes every day based on many factors, including your physical and mental state, stress level, sleep, and previous workouts.

The all-new ZoneOptimizer feature virtually eliminates the "niggling" by adjusting your personal Heart Rate Zones for each workout based on your current fitness level.

It will guide you to train at the right intensity to get the training effect you want, making each outing more effective.

Ideal for controlling your pace, the Race Pace allows you to set a predicted time for a given distance.

It then helps you adjust your speed by displaying your pace and indicating in real time whether you are ahead or behind your goal.

A simpler method than calculating in your head if you can beat your personal best.

The Sport Profiles allow a quick changeover between different sports; one heart rate monitor is sufficient for swimming, cycling and running.

This function allows you to easily select the parameters of your heart rate monitor that are appropriate for the sport you are playing.

It automatically detects the sensors you need, so you won't lose time or data between your swimming, cycling or running sessions.

In addition, the RCX5 picks up the heart rate in the water thanks to its new transmitter, the WearLink+ Hybrid.

Contents of the RCX5 Bike pack

  • RCX5 heart rate monitor
  • Wearlink + Hybrid Transmitter
  • Speed sensor W.I.N.D.
  • DataLink
  • Instructions for use
  • Universal bicycle stand

Polar ZoneOptimizer

Measures your shape during warm-up. Adjusts your training zones according to your fitness level of the day. You make sure you're training at the right intensity.

Sport Profiles

Sport Profiles allows a quick changeover between different sports during training.

Depending on the chosen sport, it very simply recognises the sensors adapted to each discipline so that the user does not lose time or data.

At the touch of a button, the user can switch from one sport to another.

Race pace

The stroke rate allows the user to program a target speed for a given distance. It visually indicates the advance or delay in real time, in relation to the race objective.

Endurance programs

Polarpersonaltrainer.com offers comprehensive endurance training programs for running and cycling.

They include the warm-up, work session and recovery phase for each session. They can be transferred to the RCX5 with the DataLink.

After each session, the online training log allows you to view your progress and compare planned and completed sessions. The Endurance Polar program is customized to the needs of each user.

It optimizes endurance training by adapting to the user's training habits through monthly program updates.

Training load and recovery time

The training load informs the user on polarpersonaltrainer.com about the daily accumulated workload in color-coded form.

In addition, the cumulative training load can now be viewed graphically, and indicates the time required to return to a certain level.

It will also predict how the cumulative training load will change according to the user's training plan. It thus helps the user to optimise his training times.


Mapping allows the user to visualize their online training course on a Google map available at polarpersonaltrainer.com.

Our Opinion On Polar RCX5 Bike Red


  • Permet de vous entraîner en fonction de votre forme du jour
  • Transmission de la Fréquence Cardiaque « hybride »
  • L’émetteur WearLink+ hybride associe confort, précision, et fonctionnement en milieu aquatique.
  • Activation des capteurs par sports simple et rapide (Sport Profiles)
  • Ecran plat très lisible limitant les reflets, boitier aluminium, position des boutons optimisée, changement de la pile sécurisé.
  • L’utilisateur peut choisir entre des programmes d’endurance pré-établis ou télécharger ses programmes personnels (établis par l’utilisateur ou un coach à distance).
  • Pratique Multisport
Brand Polar
Name RCX5 Bike Red
SKU 90042091
GTIN 0725882553078