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Women's wetsuits

Triathlon or open water swimming competition: the neoprene wetsuit is THE essential outfit you need. How to choose it?

How to choose your triathlon suit?

- You are looking for performance and speed: your neoprene suit must be able to be forgotten. It must be flexible and supple. To do this, use about 3 mm thick neoprene on the legs and arms, 1.5 mm under the armpits and 5 mm on the trunk. The more yokes in the rotation areas (shoulders and armpits), the better: the multiple cut-out panels optimize the suit's fit to the body. The Zerod Proflex is quite representative in this respect. Its Yamamoto® C40 type neoprene gives you great flexibility (Yamamoto C40 to C38: from the most to the least flexible neoprene). You can also turn to the HUUB Brownlee Agilis or the Sailfish One.

- If you're new to triathlon or want to limit your swimming effort, choose an outfit with a good degree of buoyancy, made of Yamamoto C38 neoprene with a thickness between 3 and 5 mm. For example: the Aegis III HHUB, the Zoot Wave 3 or the Atlantean Zerod.

Good to know: the chest circumference is mostly standard. The hip circumference is adapted to women's morphology, thus distinguishing a women's suit from a men's suit (see the size guide of each brand).
If you have an "H" shape, you can wear a men's suit. Don't do it if you have an "X" or "8" morphology: you'll float at waist level!