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Garmin Memory Map Premium DVD -Alsace Lorraine F.Comté

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Memory-Map is a high performance mapping software for PC and Pocket PC, which uses detailed IGN maps. Memory Map is compatible with PC and Pocket PC

(Attention not compatible with Linux, Mac and Palm.)
Memory Map allows you to prepare your route on a PC (Please note that you cannot transfer the background map to the GPS, ONLY the waypoints, routes and tracks.

Memory-Map allows you to:

  • Prepare routes
  • Print cards
  • Program your GPS
  • Display its position
  • Analyze its performance

Prepare your itineraries
Create your routes (waypoints, routes and tracks) directly on IGN 1: 25,000 base maps and / or aerial photos.

  • Travel data: distance, heading, duration
  • Route info: total ascent, total descent
  • archiving, exchange of routes by email or even on a web page (ideal for planning a group hike)
  • 3D visualization: display of routes in 3D, shading according to the chosen time, creation of video files

Print your cards
Make your own hiking maps.

  • Choice of print scale
  • automatic pagination across multiple pages for long runs, customization of print area
  • Adding comments to cards
  • Roadmap (roadbook): each waypoint can be associated with a comment, the direction to follow and a photo
  • relief coloring: printing maps with DEM data on a 2D map. Shading the map shows the relief (valleys, hills, etc.)

Program your GPS
Essential for any GPS user, Memory-Map allows safe and rapid transfer of GPS data (waypoints, routes and tracks).

  • Simple GPS programming: save time and avoid errors by transferring GPS data directly from your PC
  • GPS compatibility: Memory-Map is compatible with most GPS (Garmin, Magellan, Suunto, Lowrance, Silva, Navman, ...)
  • Pocket PC: on the go, prepare your routes directly from a Pocket PC.

Know your position
All you need to do is connect a GPS to your laptop or Pocket PC to have a GPS navigation system.

  • Follow Your Course: Display of a course pointer that indicates the direction to follow to reach the next waypoint
  • Real-time positioning: precise display of its position in real time, scrolling of the map according to its movement.
  • Tracklog: recording of the track to view the distance traveled.
  • Progress indication: projection heading and speed in a given time to know where you will be
  • Proximity alarm: creation of a zone with alarm signal on approach.

Analyze its performance
With Memory-Map, it is easy to get the history of its outings.

  • Details of the track: Transfer of the tracklog from the GPS to the PC and display on a base map to precisely visualize the route taken.
  • Travel statistics report: the tracklog records speed, time, altitude data. Memory-Map reproduces them in the form of curves and profiles, and even heart rate data.
  • Points of interest: creation of a logbook by associating texts, sounds, images to each point.

Minimum configuration:

  • Operating System: Windows 2000 or XP.
  • Memory: 256MB RAM
  • Hard disk: 4GB available
  • A DVD player
  • A 3D graphics card with 32 MB of Ram Video

Manufacturer Garmin
Product Name Memory Map Premium DVD -Alsace Lorraine F.Comté
Barcode 9781845141424