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Developed in collaboration with professional high mountain guides , the Garmin Fēnix GPS watch is the ideal partner for mountaineers, hikers, trail runners and all outdoor enthusiasts.

This rugged watch combines highly precise GPS functions with an elegant design.

With auto- or manual-calibrated ABC sensors and Garmin's full navigation features, it sets a new standard of precision when navigating in extreme environments.

A guarantee of security and additional confidence.

Orientation tools

During your outdoor activities, whatever the nature of the terrain on which you move, the integrated altimeter shows you the altitude data in real time so you can follow your climbs and descents as closely as possible.

The barometer easily monitors air pressure and temperature so you never be surprised by a sudden change in weather conditions Whatever the weather, you can count on the fēnix!

The 3-axis compass shows you your precise direction whether you're moving or not. With fēnix, you have all the tools you need for your business.

Navigation tools

Choose your activity profile then plan your outings.

Download routes from BaseCamp ™ software or plan your own by marking your waypoints in the field.

What's more, the fēnix guides you along your route with its compass or the “track tracking” option.

Trace tool

Why follow the marked trails? Know where you want to go without worrying about getting lost.

During your movements, the track plays the role of a breadcrumb trail in order to quickly visualize your position. And if you get lost, TracBack ™ shows you how to retrace your steps.

A connected watch

Compatible with Garmin accessories via wireless ANT + technology, you can monitor and record your heart rate, or your pedaling cadence.

Get an accurate reading of the ambient or felt temperature with the Garmin tempe ™ sensor.

The fēnix is compatible with Bluetooth® Smart technology so that it can be connected with a compatible smartphone.

Access many features: share your location and movement live, or download activities from the Garmin Adventures site.

Our Opinion
GPS + ABC watch (altimeter, barometer and compass) with very complete and efficient navigation functions to respond to the most extreme situations.

- Navigate and save your travel data on your wrist.

- Compatible with the heart rate monitor belt *, autonomy of 50 hours in UltraTrac mode, total elevation, rate of climb and much more.

- Get your exact position on the lane you are taking, and determine the distances and the difference in height.

- Download caches to your watch, and search for treasures all over the world.

- Display your position, heading and distance to waypoints with precision.

- Identify technical, exposed and dangerous passages in order to take the safest path to the top.

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