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Octane ZR7 Elliptical

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A new training experience without impact on the ground, which protects your joints from all traumatic risks. The Octane Zero Runner fitness machine is engineered with a patented bionic leg design, which reproduces the natural movements of walking and running. Your body is thus raised and does not touch the ground at any time. Your pace is modulated according to your desires and training goals. No mechanical force comes to interfere with the smooth running of your race. For the most effective workouts, the Zero Runner incorporates programs that analyze your stride, heart rate, apply resistance levels etc. for optimal performance.

The console offers you reading on:

  • Session time
  • Stride length
  • Pace
  • Distance traveled
  • Heart rate (heart rate sensors located on the wrists)
  • Calories burned

SmartLink app:

  • Download the SmartLink application on tablets or smartphones and connect it with your Zero Runner device via the bluetooth connection. You will have a clear read on all your workout stats.

Our Opinion

The Octane Zero Runner fitness machine is the solution for all your indoor workouts. This device uses exactly the same muscles as running on a treadmill or outdoors, with less traumatic impact on the joints.

It will be an excellent training supplement to prepare you for the various races to come such as half marathons and marathons.

It can also play a rehabilitation role after an injury, to resume running smoothly.


The use of this device allows you to:

  • Practice physical activity without risk of injury
  • Prepare your next races: half-marathon, marathon
  • Engage the majority of your lower and upper muscles
  • Measure your heart rate

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