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Suunto Core Light Brown

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The Suunto Core is an essential device for people spending their time on slopes of all kinds. This is the benchmark model for ABC wrist computers. You roll your eyes up to the sky and see the stars. Your Suunto Core lets you know when a heavy wind is approaching with its Storm Warning Alarm - one of its many features that helps you make the right decisions.

Sold without USB key.

Suunto Core Alu Brown

  • Altimeter : Elevation measurement / Reset to 0, Log, Automatic mode
  • Barometer : Storm Alarm, Barometric Trend Indicator, Barometric Pressure Graphical Representation
  • Compass : Rotating crown, Digital heading display, Easy calibration
  • Depth Measurement : Max Depth. 10m / 30ft
  • Watch: Sunrise / sunset times, Second time zone, Countdown
  • Other: Button lock, Menu available in 4 languages
  • 2 years warranty
  • Aluminum shell and crown with metal fasteners, leather strap.

Satisfy you appetite for extreme!

With the right information and the right attitude, you can easily tackle nature's greatest challenges. The Suunto Core gives you the information, then it's your turn!

The altimeter allows measurements up to 9,000 m (29,500 ft). It is ideal for all activities where it is important to know its altitude and its ascent and descent speeds. The Suunto Core altimeter measures altitude differences to track your climbing progress. The log records all your elevation changes between start and end times, so you can analyze your activity when you get home, graphing elevation changes during your treks, researching elevations achieved, by discovering the times of your ascents and descents, your average ascent and descent speeds, and more.

The Suunto Core displays the current sea level pressure as a detailed graph, showing the values recorded for the last 24 hours at 30 minute intervals. The weather tendency indicator is a useful function that allows you to quickly know the upcoming weather conditions. Storm alarm alerts you to any sudden drop in air pressure, which can precede severe weather conditions.

Automatic Alti / Baro switchover
The Suunto Core has an automatic Alti / Baro switch, which detects movement or lack thereof, switching from altimeter mode to barometric mode, respectively. When you practice rock climbing, it records changes in altitude. And when you stop to rest, it records changes in barometric pressure. Any pressure drop that occurs while you sleep under the stars will be interpreted concretely: a change in barometric pressure and not in altitude.

The digital compass displays north and cardinal or semi-cardinal points. Adjusting the declination allows you to correct the difference between true north and magnetic north. You can also set the compass to follow a given bearing, allowing you to follow a chosen direction in the field. The compass has a one-touch function to lock the staff and follow a bearing.

Depth gauge
Designed for free diving, the depth gauge of the Suunto Core tells you how deep you are and the maximum depth reached during your dive. The maximum depth of the device is 10 m (32.8 ft).

Watch functions include time, second time and date display, alarm, sports stopwatch, countdown timer, and sunrise and sunset times forecast for more 400 places in the world.

Our Opinion

This new watch replaces the Vector with a new design and additional functions. THE benchmark for ABC outdoor watches (Altimeter, Barometer, Compass).

  • Altimeter with stored altitude log and measurement of altitude differences
  • Barometer with storm alarm and weather trend indication
  • Automatic Alti / Baro switchover
  • Compass with semi-automatic calibration and digital bearing
  • Depth gauge
  • Multiple time, date and alarm functions, with second time and countdown
  • Sunrise / sunset times for over 400 locations around the world
  • Digital thermometer
  • User interface via menus in English, German, French and Spanish
  • Available in a wide variety of styles
  • Interchangeable bracelets
  • User replaceable battery

  • Manufacturer Suunto
    Product Name Core Light Brown
    SKU SS0133119010