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EA Fit Muscle Building - Pure Isolate Premium Lemon


Pure Isolate Premium from EA Fit is a specific formula made from 100% isolate.

Energy intake, explosive strength and muscle development are also accelerated thanks to creatine. Very practical thanks to its quickly dissolving powder,

Its formula low in sugars and lipids contains probiotics which ensure perfect digestion.
It combines active components perfectly dosed to activate muscle protein synthesis on the one hand and promote muscle recovery on the other hand.

This pure whey protein isolate ** is obtained by an innovative technological process: CFM® (Cross flow microfiltration) guaranteeing a maximum content of purified protein ingredients.

CFM® technology makes it possible to obtain an isolate with exceptional nutritional qualities, thanks to the preservation of all the micro-fractions of milk (glycomacropeptides and other immunostimulating substances).
The aminogram is also more complete than with other extraction methods.

It contains high levels of BCAAs (24.7 g per 100 g of protein), thereby optimizing growth and muscle strength.

** whey protein isolate

Our Opinion
This solution is recommended for athletes from confirmed to expert level , seeking extreme muscle development and maximum anabolism while limiting the appearance of adipose tissue, and any athlete wishing to benefit from the direct combination of whey + creatine.

This solution does not require a shaker and guarantees you a drink texture, with a deliciously fruity taste, perfectly fluid.

From now on, you will no longer need a shaker, pour 1 ½ scoop then 250 ml of water, stir and enjoy.

An average daily protein intake (including meals) of 1.5 g per kg of body weight is recommended, which can reach 2 g in the event of intense muscle strain.

Manufacturer EA Fit
Product Name Muscle Building - Pure Isolate Premium Lemon
SKU RPV0000589
Barcode 3518681005896