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Running and trail

Choosing the best running shoe in relation to your activity and your own physical characteristics is paramount. For road racing, the drop, stride type, weight and target distance will be the main points of comparison. A pronator shoe will be specially designed with an internal reinforcement, to limit the tendency of the foot to collapse inwards. Examples include Mizuno Wave Inspire or ASICS gel Kayano. The link between the drop (the difference in level between the back and the front of the shoe) and the cushioning is also very important: the greater the drop, the more the cushioning must compensate for the pressure exerted on the heel to ensure a natural run. Some minimalist shoes provide a drop of 0 but most brands are positioned on an intermediate drop, suitable for the majority of runners. A trail shoe will also have special features such as a midsole to protect against the roughness of the terrain, limiting pain and deformation, and a tear-resistant mesh.