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Falke Mens RU4 Middle Socks (Anthracite)

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The ancestral product of Falke! Anatomical sole to best fit the shape of the foot. Ergonomically reinforced toes and heels specially adapted to the stresses undergone by the foot during physical exercise.

Shoes for jogging enthusiasts with a shock absorber system and dynamic stability. We recommend the RU4 lightweight jogging socks. The classic among jogging socks: RU 4. Jogging socks for the best performance. Specially designed for high performance aspirational runners and has become a popular item among athletes. These socks guarantee low energy loss, perfect pressure distribution and optimal contact with the sports shoe. In cooperation with the German Sport University Cologne (Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln) the pressure distribution relieving the joints could be proven. This knowledge was passed on to the production of all socks in the Ergonomic Sport Socks collection.

Material: 44% cotton / 42% polypropylene / 14% polyamide

Manufacturer Falke
Product Name Mens RU4 Middle Socks (Anthracite)
SKU 16646-3700
Genre Man