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Suunto Ambit 2S White HR

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The Ambit 2S White HR GPS watch in multifunction glass dedicated to running, swimming, cycling and outdoor activities Made of mineral crystal and fitted with an aluminum crown. The addition of barometric adjustment by GPS, the 3D compass as well as the switch from one sport to another at the push of a button on the Ambit 2S White HR, marks a real difference with its younger sister, the Suunto Ambit . The athlete regardless of his level, will find on this watch, specific training and sport functions, such as: The change of activity during the recording of an exercise, the countdown as well as the pre-configured modes for multisport activities. Key information:
  • HR cardio belt included
  • Water resistant to 100m
  • 15 days / 25h / 8h autonomy
  • 72 grams
  • Diameter: 50.5 mm
  • Thickness: 15.5mm
  • Customizable display


    • GPS altimeter
    • GPS altitude
    • Altitude graph

    GPS functions:

    • Fully equipped GPS chip (SIRFIV)
    • GPS point recording interval (1 s, 60 s)
    • Multiple coordinate systems: location
    • Waypoint and route navigation
    • Backspace "Find Back"
    • Record routes, view and share
    • Creation of Points of Interest (POI)
    • Route planning

    Examples of free applications, to be found on the Mouvescount platform:

    • Virtual Coach (Interval Coach):
      Let the coach advise you on the intensity to provide during your race!
      This app provides you the endurance intervals. Select your cadence level, and the coach will tell you the target cadences to achieve.
    • Ghost Runner:
      Challenge yourself by measuring yourself against an opponent.
      A positive distance means that you are in front of your opponent, a negative distance that you must increase the pace.
    • Running Efficiency:
      This app helps you improve your running efficiency by recording the number of heartbeats during a kilometer / mile.
    • High intensity intervals:
      This app provides you with a short, but intense exercise. Start with a warm-up, run 15x200m with 30-second cool-downs, and finish with a cool-down session.
    • Marathon time:
      This app uses your current speed to give you an estimate of your final time when running a marathon, which lets you know if you are on track to reach the final line within the times you set.
  • Download these apps from Movescount

  • Our Opinion

    The Ambit 2S is characterized by its finesse, the elegance of its construction and its ultra-light weight of 73 grams , 20 grams less compared to the Ambit 2.

    Waterproof and resistant, you can go down to a depth of 50 meters on your wrist for any outing at sea.

    With its 25 hours of autonomy (simple use / 8h GPS active), you can easily extend your long outings in road running , Trail, Hiking or Nordic walking.

    For all practices around Swimming, you can find your swimming time by pool distance , the interval, a total, as well as the pace of your swim and the distance covered.

    But that's not all, the rhythms of movements, the number and the different types of swimming will also be shown.

    The swimmer will also have the pleasure of finding a dynamic interval analysis table with cadence, pace and duration.

    Regarding general functions, the big news comes from the locking of the buttons as well as real-time information on the percentage of autonomy remaining on the watch.
    • It allows you to change sports without stopping. Get on your bike as soon as your running session is over.
    • Simple and clear screen lets you check your interval time without slowing you down

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