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Waterrower Rowing machine M1 Metallic

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The tubular steel version. Same functions as the WaterRower S1, also with a maximum load capacity of up to 450 kg! Made of stainless steel, with a brushed finish, this ergometer rowing machine with a Watts display creates a natural resistance through its water tank which you can vary the quantity of water. A unique and patented mechanism, the WaterRower rowing machine has been designed to closely replicate the physical dynamics of rowing. The S4 monitor (included) displays : - intensity in m/s (metres per second), speed in km/h (kilometres per hour), /500m (duration for 500 metres), /2km (duration for 2 kilometres), watts and kilocalories per hour. - the number of strokes per minute (cadence), heart rate (optional Polar chest strap), distance in metres, kilometres, miles and total number of strokes and accumulated time.

With 23 years of experience, the Waterrower rowing machine is an ergometer of exceptional quality.

As proof of this, top athletes such as the renowned German national rowing team use the Waterrower device for training.


Designed to reproduce the feeling of rowing, the WaterRower is very pleasant to use and is known for its relaxing effects. It has a positive influence on the entire circulatory system.

The WaterRower rower works all muscles evenly, even a short workout will burn calories, tone your body and you will come out of it toned.

Virtually all major muscle groups are used: 84% (!) of your muscles work simultaneously, especially those of the arms, legs and trunk.

The device allows the user a posture without impact and loads, perfect for people with joint pain.

With proper maintenance of your muscular system, you will avoid osteoarthritis, muscle atrophy and damage resulting from poor posture.


Resistance :

Exclusive self-regulating resistor, infinitely variable, suitable for all users without adjustment.

The unique and patented WaterFlywheel mechanism of the WaterRower rowing machine has been designed to replicate the physical dynamics of rowing.

Thus, the patented WaterFlywheel offers a naturally self-regulating resistance.

The effect of aerodynamic resistance delivered by the WaterFlywheel is proportional to the speed at which you are rowing, just as in rowing.

Monitor S4 :

To guide your training and make sure you reach your fitness goals, the Waterrower features the S4 performance monitor.

The S4's user-friendly design makes it easy to use: just press the ON button and off you go. The S4 offers many advanced features (allowing you to vary your exercises, target your training and analyse your progress), including :
  • Distance / expected duration
  • Autostore- Interval drive
  • Heart rate analysis (if you have a chest belt and receiver - not included with the rower)

The S4 monitor displays :

  • Intensity in m/s (metres per second), speed in km/h (kilometres per hour), /500m (duration for 500 metres), /2km (duration for 2 kilometres), watts and kilocalories per hour.
  • The number of strokes per minute (cadence), heart rate (optional Polar chest strap), distance in metres, kilometres, miles and total number of strokes and accumulated time.WaterRower's S4 monitor incorporates a heart rate monitoring function.

The most common (and accurate) means of measuring heart rate are wristwatch-type monitors such as those offered by Polar™.

The heart rate monitors Polar™ measure the electrical impulses of the heart using a chest strap and transmit the data to a wristwatch via telemetry.

The WaterRower Series 4 monitor has been designed to incorporate technology from Polar™. By integrating a small receiver and using a Polar chest strap, the Series 4 monitor displays your heart rate.

Thanks to the optional Polar heart rate receiver and an optional chest belt, you will be able to monitor your heart rate directly on the S4 monitor screen. To optimize your workouts, you can also define your useful heart rate zones: a visual and audible signal will tell you when you are above and below your zone. An advanced function allows a more detailed analysis of your heart rate by training zone:
  • Maximum heart rate
  • The time spent over the area
  • The time spent in the area
  • The time spent under the zone


The WaterRower M1 is made of shaped tubular steel.

Its superb style and compact frame enhances any environment, living space, lifestyle and simply living.

Structure :

Material :
Mechanically welded tubular steel
Finishing :
Steel and powder coating - anti-corrosion
The popular M Series (metal) rowers are electrostatically coated with polyester powder and fired at high temperatures in our special ovens to obtain a diamond primer.

Comfort and accessories :

The smooth operation of the WaterRower allows it to be used anywhere, anytime, without disturbing those around you. Although not totally silent, the noise of the device is pleasant to the ear, it is far from being annoying.
  • Foot rests easy to adjust for any user
  • Indestructible polycarbonate tank
  • Strong and maintenance-free pulling strap
  • Powerful and comfortable handle
  • Soft and comfortable seat
  • Plug with instant connection

Storage :

The WaterRower is easily stored vertically when not in use:
it takes up no more space than a dining room chair!

Built-in castors make manoeuvring very easy. The low position of the WaterFlywheel makes the rowing machine very stable when stowed away.


: Virtually maintenance free - no lubrication requiredThe only regular maintenance required by WaterRower is the care of the water in the tank. All you have to do is put a chlorine tablet on regularly. The frequency of water treatment will depend on the exposure of the tank to light and heat as well as your use.

The more your WaterRower is exposed to the sun and the less you use it, the more attention you will need to pay to water quality.

On average, we recommend one lozenge every quarter or even every six months.

The WaterRower is delivered with 3 chlorine tablets, which means 1 to 2 years of treatment. To maintain the appearance and integrity of your WaterRower, the unit must be kept clean.

It is especially important to ensure that the clutch and belt mechanism does not have any dust accumulation between the top and bottom.

The surface of the rails must be kept clean to prevent dust from clogging the seat wheels. To do this, wipe them with a damp cloth. The surface of the tank can also be cleaned


Brand Waterrower
Name Rowing machine M1 Metallic
SKU 510S4
GTIN 4260263010246
Programmes 12
Poids maximum 450 kg
Dimensions (L 218 x l 56 x h 53 cm)