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Hiking bikes

Going on a cycling holiday or simply doing some nice bike rides: a nice program to come. In order to achieve this in the best conditions, you have to make the right choice of bike.

The indispensable question... which model to choose?

- Do you want a bike that is both versatile and comfortable? So choose a trekking model. It's a good compromise if you hesitate between two models.
- You're an adventurer and you travel light? Head towards a racing bike. A little advice on how your frame can accommodate a luggage rack, mudguards and wider tires.

The choice of your frame material is also very important: the decision will be made between steel and aluminium<:b>. The first is a quality choice, both reliable and easily repairable.
The second is much lighter but less easy to repair.

For the wheels, it is clearly advised to adopt 26 or 28 inch wheels, and equipped with 36 spokes with double-walled reinforced rims: your ride will be in ideal conditions.