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Women's MTB shoes

When mountain biking, having the right pair of shoes is essential. Sole, crampons, tightening...each model has its own characteristics meeting very precise expectations.

If you are a mountain biker hiker, the most important thing is that the shoe is as comfortable as possible, in view of the time you will spend on your mountain bike and the fact that you will be doing part of your hike on foot. Focus on Mavic's Sequence XC Elite, a versatile model. Do you practice Enduro? Choose mid-high or high models with front reinforcement for maximum protection of your foot in the event of an unexpected impact. In terms of the sole, it must be flexible to remain in absolute comfort. Tightening differs according to the model, from classic to velcro.

Freerider or downhill? Protection is the number one characteristic to be taken into account. All models have a reinforcement on the front of the shoe to protect against any unexpected impact during your run. The sole is flat but equipped with studs for optimal grip. As with the MTB touring / Enduro boots: the tightening differs according to the model, ranging from classic to velcro.

If you're a competitive cross-country biker, go for light and stiff models like the Crossmax SL Ultimate from Mavic.
These shoes are very similar to road bike shoes. The sole is very rigid, always with a view to performance and lightness. In terms of tightening, the shoes for this discipline are equipped with micrometric tightenings in order to provide precision and support.