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Women's MTBs

What are the notable differences between a male and female ATV? Enlightenment.

In order to adapt to the female morphology, two characteristics are specific to the women's mountain bike: a higher cockpit totally adapted to the centre of gravity and a wider saddle.
The size of the frame is different from the men's MTB: the frame has a curved tube at the seatpost level.

- Do you want to start mountain biking? Move to semi-rigid models, they allow you to learn smoothly. He is the perfect ally to anticipate all terrains.
- You're already confident and a great mountain biker? Opt for an all-suspended ATV to ride faster and to overcome bigger obstacles.

Last characteristic to consider when choosing the right ATV: the travel.
For cross-country practice, choose a travel between 100 and 120 mm. For true off-road use, opt for an all-mountain enduro ATV with 130/150 of travel.