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Women's electric bikes

The electric bicycle is the perfect compromise for effortless travel.
To make the right choice, it is important to define your practice and your needs.

If you wish to use your future purchase for daily trips in urban areas, especially to get to work, opt for a city bike model where comfort and practicality are one and the same (integrated anti-theft device, mudguard, luggage rack).

If you're more interested in using your electric bike for touring or riding, look for VTC models with powerful brakes, adapted tires, lighter weight and a battery with a good autonomy for versatility. Focus on the Loft GO! 8I from Electra, a very versatile model.

Another feature to consider is the gear shifting system. With a derailleur, shifting gears is done without loss of performance and therefore a sportier driving experience is to be expected. Integrated, much more recommended if you drive in town: it offers the possibility to shift gears even without a pedal. This transmission reduces the risk of derailments and requires less maintenance.

Find our selection of the best brands such as Trek, Electra or Riese&Muller.