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Which GPS watch to choose for running?

In order to choose a sports watch properly, you need to define which functions are essential for you. While it is necessary for the watch to incorporate a GPS function with route memory and a cardio function, other functions are optional (e.g. stride analysis, daily activity monitoring, sleep analysis, smartphone notifications, etc.).
Find here the best sport watches on the market :
→ Multi-sport GPS watches: The Garmin Forerunner 935 helps you optimise your running and triathlon training and rest periods to improve performance, all in a lightweight package. The Garmin fenix 5X Sapphire is built for extreme adventures and its glass is unbreakable.
→ GPS running watches: the Garmin Forerunner 945 accompanies you in your effort with its integrated coach and the Polar Vantage V Titan Pack HR follows you for up to 40 hours in "full training" mode. The pack includes a heart rate sensor and chest strap.
→ Outdoor and hiking GPS watches: the rugged Garmin Instinct is designed for harsh environments and tracks you for up to 14 days without recharging. The Casio G-Shock Mudmaster integrates compass, altimeter, barometer and many other intuitive features in a very good ergonomic design.

How to choose your bike GPS?

All in all, choose a GPS meter that is perfectly waterproof and has an easy-to-read screen to make your navigation easier. The reception quality of the GPS signal must be optimal and the autonomy sufficient. Next, be aware that the sports features are equivalent from one model to another.
- The Garmin Edge 530 can be travelled with dexterity and receives a quality GPS signal. In case of an incident, it sends a signal.
- The Garmin Edge 830 meter has a touch screen so it's easy to reach while you want to be focused on the road. It also allows you to choose your route from several GPS suggestions.
- The Garmin Edge 1030 offers the same features as the 530 but has a much larger screen, ideal for cyclists with vision problems.