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Argon 18

Design, Innovation, Performance: Argon 18 bikes

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Argon 18 was founded in 1989 by ex-Olympian Gervais Rioux in Montreal, Quebec, and offers high-end and ultra modern bikes. The same year, he acquired a small store and realized his ultimate goal: to create his bike with his vision that he had had for years . Over the years, the Canadian company has developed its own technologies: - AFS geometry : Argon Fit System - HDS : Horizontal Dual System - 3D technology In 2008, Argon 18 won the prestigious Eurobike Design Award with its E-114 model . The brand is represented in all competitions: the Tour de France, the World Championships, the Olympic Games… The brand name refers to the atomic number on the period table of the elements. Argon is one of the six noble gases . Today, Argon 18 is one of the best manufacturers in the world and asserts its leadership around the world.