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Men's Nordic walking shoes & low-cut boots

How to choose your walking and Nordic walking shoes.
If you are hesitating between a high-cut shoe and a low-cut shoe, it is mostly a question of style. Regardless, a high-cut shoe is recommended when carrying a rucksack in order to relieve stress on the ankle. The Moab by Merrell is a must-have shoe for walking: it is light, cushioned, grips well, and sometimes comes with a rock shield. For long distances, the robust Lowa Renegade offers legendary cushioning and comfort. For brisk walking while climbing and descending, you can count on the Millet High-Route even on snow-covered trails. In any case, it is best to go with a Vibram® sole: its extreme grip is effective on both dry and wet surfaces. For waterproof shoes, aim for models with a patented Gore-Tex lining.
How to choose your Nordic walking poles.
Long poles allow you to push and set your walking pace. Your elbow must never bend less than 90°. Pick poles with straps, which allow you to stay in contact with the poles without having to squeeze the handle; this relaxes the tendons in your hands. It is best to have a variety of tips for specific surfaces (EVA rubber for asphalt and sharper points for trails); otherwise, opt for road tips. Models: Leki Traveller Carbon poles are perfect for Nordic walking. Black Diamond poles are often collapsible and deploy quickly, which is ideal when you don't want to lose any time.