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TSL Highlander Adjust - Khaki

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The TSL Highlander Adjust snowshoe pair, here in olive green, is designed for hikers who want to venture into all types of snow and the steepest terrain. Objective: hiking in all types of snow and very steep terrain. The little +: high-performance grip and comfort Main features : High-performance grip in all types of snow The TSL Highlander Adjust snowshoes are extremely effective in the steepest terrain. You get maximum traction on steep slopes thanks to the high-performance stainless steel front claw. The side grips give you a powerful grip on all types of snow. On hard or icy snow, you can count on the two specific crampons. On soft or compacted snow, retention and traction are optimal. Quick fastening, uniform hold You will appreciate the secure support of the foot, especially on slopes. This support is made possible by the Boa Fit system, which eliminates pressure points by distributing the tightening evenly, but also by the heel clamp with instep strap. To save you time, Highlander Adjust snowshoes are quick and easy to put on thanks to the Lateral Adjust and Lock Adjustment with size memory, and the ankle pre-set with position memory and comfort strap. Wasp waist shape: natural walk The 3D wasp-waist design allows for natural walking. Despite the rigidity of the frame, the foot roll is respected thanks to the rocker and the flexible telescopic attachment. When climbing, you don't have any punching sensation under the foot thanks to the Easy Ascent SSAS automatic ascent wedge that distributes the weight over the entire heel of the binding. Made in France. Carrying case included.
- Maximum traction on steep slopes thanks to the front claw made of high-performance, abrasion-resistant and corrosion-resistant stainless steel
- Powerful grip on all types of snow thanks to grips located on the perimeter of the chassis (easily interchangeable in case of wear)
- First point of contact on hard or icy snow via the 2 crampons located under the foot support area
- Traction and restraint on soft and compact snow thanks to the structured frame with crossbars
- Better retention in soft snow thanks to the mini serrated grip bars on the edges of the central openings in the frame (TSL patent)
- Secure hold on slopes and optimised grip thanks to the 3D wasp-waist design
- Wasp waist: natural walk
- Good foot roll despite the rigidity of the chassis thanks to the rocker

- Flexible telescopic mounting respecting the unfolding of the foot
- Lock Adjustment: easy to perform, this adjustment allows you to memorize the size of your shoe for all snowshoeing outings
- Boa® Fit System: a system that eliminates pressure points by distributing tightening evenly. It also allows you to customize the setting instantly to quickly and easily insert or remove your foot from the mount.
- Lateral Adjust: Lateral adjustment with memory to accommodate any shoe width
- Ankle pre-adjustment: allows to center the comfort strap on the shoe and to memorize the position of the strap.
- Rack and pinion instep strap heel clamp for precise and fast footwork
- Textile comfort straps
- Noise and shock absorber
- Easy Ascent automatic climbing wedge that can be engaged with the stick. When climbing, no punching sensation under the foot, the weight is distributed over the entire heel of the binding.

Made in France. Carrying case included.

  • User size: 37 > 44
  • User weight: 30 > 80 kg
  • Product dimensions: 52.5 x 19 cm
  • Product weight: 2 x 895 g
  • Studs: 2

Les raquettes à neige TSL sont fabriquées en France via une maîtrise totale de la production, de l'injection plastique à l'assemblage final.

Manufacturer TSL
Product Name Highlander Adjust
Genre Mixed
Color Khaki