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Octane Elliptical Xride 6000

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A unique, innovative and cutting-edge device for working in a seated position. Ergonomically designed, it allows fluid movement of the front and back legs, as well as the upper and lower body simultaneously.

Description :

A unique, innovative and avant-garde self-powered device for working in a seated position. Ergonomically designed, it allows fluid movement of the front and back legs, as well as the upper and lower body simultaneously.

16 programs, 30 resistance levels, specific start-up sessions, oversized pedals, converging mobile arms, fixed footrests...

The xR6000 allows for a smooth elliptical motion and the invigorating push/pull action of the moving handlebars while you pedal and push for a whole-body exercise.


This unit has 16 built-in programs:

  • 6 resistance programs (manual, random, interval, custom interval, ascent, 10K),
  • 7 heart rate control programs (Fat Burn, Cardio, FC Interval, FC Custom Interval, FC Ascent, FC Speed Interval, New Leaf Custom),
  • 2 constant power programs (constant watts, constant METs)
  • 1 fitness program (30:30).

Resistance programs

  • Manual: pedal with constant resistance.
  • Random: Random variation of resistance by the computer.

  • Interval (Interval): 2-minute intervals of alternating resistance.
  • Custom interval: Up to 6 alternating intervals of user-defined duration and resistance.
  • Ascent (Hill): simulated ascent of increasingly steep hills.
  • 10 km (10K): 10 km simulated race with climbs and descents.

Heart Rate Programs

  • Fat burn: controlled training at 65% of theoretical maximum heart rate.
  • Cardio: controlled training at 80% of theoretical maximum heart rate to maximize fat burning.
  • HR interval: controlled exercise with alternating intervals of 2 mns at 70% and 80% of the theoretical maximum heart rate.
  • HR custom interval (HR custom interval): Controlled workouts with up to 6 intervals alternating according to user-defined duration and target heart rates.
  • HR hill: controlled simulated ascent of increasingly steep hills at 65%, 75% and 85% of the theoretical maximum heart rate.
  • HR speed interval (HR speed interval): controlled exercise with alternating resistance and speed intervals at 65% and 85% of the theoretical maximum heart rate.
  • New Leaf custom: Can be used by individuals who have had a New Leaf fitness assessment and are following a recommended exercise program.

Constant power programs

  • Constant watts (Watts constants):


    controlled exercise at a constant output whose equivalent units, watts, are specified by the user

  • Constant METs (Constant METs): controlled exercise at a constant output with user-specified METs (metabolic equivalent units).

Fitness programs

30 :30 : evaluation of physical condition by 5 series of sprints of 30 seconds each, spaced by recovery intervals.

Each program begins with a warm-up for a good preparation before starting the exercises.

These programs can also be supplemented by single exercises.

Pectoral Developed: Designed to improve muscular endurance, strength and tone. This program includes cardio sessions with concentrated workouts on the chest, arms and back.

Developed legs

Muscular Endurance: Allows you to vary and customize programs with eight functions for various combinations: push with legs, pull with arms, push with arms, backwards, fast, resistance+, narrow handle, wide handle.

Many of the xR6000's functions and controls can be customized and adjusted according to the user's preferences.


The xR6000 has 30 resistance levels.

Heart rate

It is measured using the digital touch sensors integrated into the handles, or with the help of a cardio belt.

For an accurate sensor measurement, it is important to hold the handles securely and that the sensors are located in the palms of the hands.


- Console:

The xR6000 is equipped with a simple numeric keypad and a console featuring an Information Message Centre.

Very easy to use, the numeric keypad includes the following functions :

  • The "Quick start",
  • "cool down": the necessary period at the end of a training session,
  • "pause/erase" (Pause clear): Press once to pause and twice to cancel the current program .

The console has 4 LED windows and 1 matrix display of the exercise profile. This message center guides and motivates the user by communicating the following data: time, time in zone, distance, target zone, calories, speed, heart rate, target HR, heart rate %.

This device is compatible with the CSAFE protocol.

- Frame and structure :

Exclusive to Octane Fitness, it is equipped with the new MultiGrip mobile arm system, which is very stylish and ergonomic, allowing targeted work on the upper part of the body.

Innovative, these arms with convergent movement, are very comfortable, of a great quality of use, whatever the position.

Regardless of the position of the hands on the handles, the user exercises different muscle groups.

Also, each of the 2 movable arms has a control knob (1 program setting and 1 resistance setting) to make its own changes during the workout. This elliptical is also equipped with 2 fixed handles.

Very spacious pedals provide a pleasant pedalling comfort.

Brand Octane
Name Elliptical Xride 6000
SKU XR6000
Poids maximum 181 Kg
Dimensions (L 182 x l 93 x h 161 cm)