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BV Sport Booster Elite Evo2 - White

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Gender Mixing
Color White

The BV Sport Booster Elite Evo2 sleeve, shown here in white, combines the latest textile innovations with BV Sport's numerous validations and scientific studies. This new stress sleeve is designed using several types of variable stiffness mesh (ultra-soft/soft/semi-rigid/rigid) that exert specific pressures on the calf, shin and ankle. The Shockwave Effect, a major innovation present on the entire Booster Elite Evo2, reduces by up to 42% the vibrations and muscular oscillations produced by the shock wave created each time the feet hit the ground (see infographics). The Calf Support, a unique principle of compression patented by BV Sport and targeted at the calf, significantly improves venous return, promoting oxygenation of muscles, tendons and ligaments. The combination of these innovations allows for a 39% reduction in post-exercise muscle pain. Worn regularly, the Booster Elite Evo2 pushes back the phenomenon of heavy legs, lowers the fatigue threshold, reduces aches and pains, considerably reduces the risk of injury and muscle damage, and prepares for recovery from the very start of the effort.


  • Technical principle: rigid mesh and targeted pressure on the calf.
    Action: improves venous return and accelerates the elimination of toxins (CO2, free radicals) accumulated in the calf. Limits muscular oscillations and vibrations.
    Benefits: pushes back the phenomenon of heavy legs and lowers the fatigue threshold. Reduces the occurrence of periostitis and DOMS.


  • Technical principle: flexible and ventilated mesh positioned at the level of the tibia.
    Action: protection of sensitive pretibial structures (periosteum, superficial nerves and microcirculation).
    Benefits: Improves comfort and feeling. Reduces the occurrence of periostitis.


  • Technical principle: alternation of ultra-flexible and rigid meshes that promote shock absorption and cushioning.
    Action: this new knitting technique present on the entire Booster Elite Evo2 disrupts the shock wave caused by the transient impact when the Booster Elite Evo2 is supported on the ground.
    Benefits: Significantly reduces parasitic vibrations and oscillations, which cause injuries and muscular lesions (periostitis, tibial fractures, DOMS).


  • Technical principle: 3D honeycombed mesh that improves the support of the Achilles tendon.
    Action: the combined action of the Socket 3D and the Shock Wave Effect disperses vibrations and oscillations thanks to its honeycomb composition.
    Benefits: reduces the risk of inflammation of the Achilles tendon.


  • Technical principle: semi-rigid mesh positioned to support the anterior tibial muscle and the sural triceps (medial/external and soleus twins).
    Action: Tap Control supports the tendons of the sural triceps and the anterior leg.
    Benefits: Reduces the risk of tendinitis and injuries and improves muscle solicitation when leaning on the ground, especially on uneven paths or uneven ground.

Brand BV Sport
Name Booster Elite Evo2
SKU 114/002
Gender Mixing
Color White